Current Foundation Routine

It has been a while since my last video… Give or take a good 3-4 months. However the sun is showing its face again and I feel as though I have the energy to continue on with my youtube channel. Having no idea where to start with all this I decided to do my current foundation routine.

If you have any suggestions for videos, i would love to hear them!


Cassie Lola <3


HEY LOVELIES! Did this illustration of a very good friend of mine! Cassie Lola Daley from Let’s Get Gelactic! She is also a fellow blogger and you can go follower her here!


Hi Everyone!

Excited to bring you a new series I did with another one of my lovely friends!

Here is a preview for all you lovely birds out there! We did the shoot yesterday so I am just digging into these photo’s!

So many good ones, i’m very excited to share with everyone :D !





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